Training Camp

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Training Camp

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  • Ahead of every new season you will run a training camp in order to prepare your roster for the year ahead.
  • It gives the players a chance to build up fitness ahead of the new campaign as well as an opportunity for position battles to occur as you begin to finalise your roster.
  • A news item will arrive in your Inbox informing you that the team is beginning to gear up for camp. From this point you’ll be able to view the Training Camp screen from the ‘Actions’ menu.
  • Camp lasts around a week and can include as many players as you want. For starters, the ‘Open Camp’ drop-down menu found towards the top right of the screen will allow you to choose whether you want to open proceedings up to free agents looking to earn a shot at cracking your roster. If you choose a closed camp, only players you choose to take part will be involved.
  • All contracted players on the senior roster will take part; if you want to include players on farm teams, ensure they have been moved to the senior roster first (the ‘On Roster’ label on the training camp screen will tell you if they are or not).
  • Unsigned prospects can be invited to camp from their ‘Actions’ menu, although it should be noted that this does not extend to collegiate prospects owing to their amateur status.
  • The ‘Teams’ tab allows you to configure whether you’re running two or four training camp teams (divided into coloured groups). A small camp turnout might see you run with just the two teams, whilst a bigger field might demand four teams so as to ensure everybody gets enough time on the ice.
  • You can choose who plays on which team by clicking on the appropriate colour next to their name, or you can have your Head Coach do it for you by clicking ‘Reset Teams’.
  • Once camp is underway, your coaching staff will keep you apprised of daily activity; who’s doing well and who’s struggling.
  • You’ll be encouraged to make cuts at various intervals and at this point you should begin considering who’s likely to stay with the team for the season and who should be returned to their junior teams or assigned to an affiliate.
  • By the end of camp you should have a completely set roster for the first game of the season.

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